Fatboy Picnic Lounge Rug

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Soft fabric picnic rug with waterproof coating.


Soft fabric picnic rug with waterproof coating from Fatboy. The Picnic Lounge Rug has a Persian-inspired print finish and is the ideal accessory whether you're at the park, beach or in the comfort of your own garden.The rug can be secured to the surface with four giant pins while a sunshade can be erected from the hole found in the middle of the accessory.It also comes with a pouch concealed behind the large Fatboy motif logo which can be used to store items such as mobile phones and keys discreetly when out and about.The accessory comes with a brush making it easy to wipe sand or grass off it while it can also be rolled up with a carrying strap making it easy to move from A to B.


Width: 210cm

Length: 280cm

Colour : Red

Material : Polyester With PVC Coating